Our Staff

All of our health practitioners are highly empathetic and committed to comprehensive and high quality care.

Dr Emil Popordanoski, MD, FRACGP is an experienced practicing General Practitioner with more than 20 years of general practice experience. Being driven by genuine interest in improving people’s quality of life, he firmly believes in a holistic approach toward health. His special interest is mental health. Dr Popordanoski speaks fluently English, Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian.

Dr Das Devidas, MD is a General Practitioner with many years of experience working in Australia. He has a wide range of experience in all aspects in General Medicine. Dr Devidas has particular interest in Diabetes, Diet and Weight Loss and Chronic Disease Management. He speaks fluently English and Hindu.

Dr Snezhana Djambazova-Popordanoska, MD, PhD is a Counsellor and Mindfulness Coach. At the core of her counselling sessions lies individual’s inner transformation as a prerequisite for personal happiness and success in life. Her special interest is providing care and mental health support to international students, including how to get over homesickness, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, weight and body image, relationship issues as well as how to choose the right partner and the right career in life. She speaks fluently English, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian.